Image of Splendid Symbols: Textiles and Tradition in Indonesia


Splendid Symbols: Textiles and Tradition in Indonesia

The Indonesian world is full of wonders and possesses an almost unrivalled variety of cultural manifestations within its compass. Amongst the lesser known aspects of Indonesia's rich cultural heritage - at least until recent times - has been the wealth of artistry in her textiles. Indonesian textiles have played a far more extensive and significant role than as mere sources of apparel or articles of trade. They have formed an integral part of the lives, beliefs and traditions of the diverse peoples of the islands and have reflected the intricate complexity of a vigorous indigenous culture flourishing in an immense variety of forms. Splendid Symbols was first published by The Textile Museum, Washington, D.C., in 1979 and reprinted with additional colour plates by Oxford University Press in 1985. This edition, enhanced by further colour plates and an updated bibliography serves not only as an introduction to the textiles of Indonesia themselves, but also as an introduction to the culture of the people who produce them.


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Published Washington DC : The Textile Museum,
240 hal : 27,9 cm x 22,7 cm